Alcohol effects on Your Body

If you want to about the Alcohol effects on Your Body, then you must read this.

We all drink alcohol to get high and have fun, but studies have shown that cumulative drinking causes many disadvantages to our bodies than we know off. In this article, we will get to know about dangerous effects of Alcohol on Human Body.

How Alcohol effects on Your Body

Alcohol is often regarded as the Devil’s Drink and there is a solid reason to it. Even after taking the first sip, your body begin to experience the side effects of Alcohol. Though, moderate drinking is good to enjoy and have fun once in a while, but excessive drinking will surely take its toll on your body.

Studies have shown that, Alcohol effects Brain, Mouth, Heart, Liver, Pancreas, Stomach, Lungs, Joints, Legs, Arms and Reproductive System. That is, almost every organ in your body.

So to avoid, Alcohol harms to your body, you should stick to moderate drinking and give it up if you are experiencing any long terms effects of Alcohol on your body.

Slurred Speech

Slurred speech is the most common symptom of excessive drinking. It is so common that, police some times identifies a drunk person by this symptom. Slurred Speech is also a sign that a person is very drunk.

More signs of excessive drinking include forgetting words and stumbling. Therefore, if you are in a group and drinking and you start experiencing Slurred Speech, it is a sign that you should Stop drinking now.


Alcohol causes throat, mouth and esophagus cancers. Alcohol damages the body Cells and binds with the DNA. It further causes the cells to replicate incorrectly. As a result, Alcohol drinkers develop higher possibilities of getting Cancers.

Stomach Stress

People who drink alcohol for too long, tend to develop Stomach issues. Alcohol damages the digestion system and Heavy Drinkers may experience Gas, Bloating and Stomach Ulcers. This is why you should stop taking Alcohol in higher quantities.

Lung Infections

The people who drink Alcohol, have difficulties to fight off Bacteria and Viruses. The weaker immune system can cause tuberculosis and pneumonia in Alcohol Drinkers. The intoxicants in Alcohol increase the risks of Lung inflammation. Therefore, to avoid such illnesses it is advised that, you must take Alcohol in moderate quantities.

Heart Damage

Chronic Drinking can cause Heart Attacks. Heavy Drinkers have higher risks of developing Heart Related illnesses such as Irregular Heartbeats, Heart Attacks and Heart Failures than people who do not drink. Therefore, to enjoy a sound Heart, it is suggested that you should decrease your Alcohol intake to lesser quantities.

Liver Damage

Higher Alcohol Intake can damage the Liver and prevent it from removing the harmful substances from your body. Chronic drinkers have higher risk of developing ARLD (alcohol related Liver Disease). Heavy drinking leads to the growth of fats in the liver, which is a sign that you are drinking too much alcohol.


Apart from damaging other body organs, Alcohol also causes Infertility. Studies have shown that drinking alcohol for a long period of time can damage the reproductive system in humans. In addition, Male Drinkers who have a habit of heavy drinking can also experience erectile dysfunction from Chronic Drinking.

Nervous System

Studies have shown that long term exposure to Alcohol can cause the Frontal lobe of your brain to shrink. In addition, Alcohol also effects the ability to make decision of Chronic drinkers. Moreover, you can also experience Total Black outs when you wake up in the bed. Its because alcohol interferes with your brain in How it stores memories.

People who drink Alcohol for a longer period of Time tend to experience Hallucinations. In addition, alcohol also makes your brain chemically dependant on it to function properly.

Final Words

Alcohol is an evil drink. Though moderate quantities may help you to enjoy and relax, but when taken in Higher quantities Alcohol abuse starts to take its toll in your body. Alcohol can effect your mouth, throat, stomach, liver, heart, brain and other body parts. Long Term abuse of alcohol can lead to serious health conditions.

Therefore, you should stop taking Alcohol in Higher Quantity and restrict yourself to moderate drinking for a Healthy Life Style.


What are the effects of alcohol on the body?

Too much Consumption of Alcohol can cause High Blood Pressure, Irregular Heart Beats, Blood Clots and Heart Attacks.

What happens to your body when you drink too much alcohol?

Drinking Too much Alcohol puts you in risk of developing Cancers. It also destroys your immune System.

Why getting drunk is bad?

Being Drunk can be dangerous to yourself. Drunken people should not drive as it causes Fatal Accidents. Apart from it Alcohol can cause Heart Attack, Seizures, Dehydration, Vomiting and even death.

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