The 15 Most Super Healthy Foods to Eat Every Day

If you are looking for Healthy Foods to Eat Every Day, then this is a must read for you.

15 Most Super Healthy Foods to Eat Every Day

Food is the most important step in Living a Healthy Life. This is why we should be cautious about what we eat in our daily lives. A Healthy diet not only can provide important nutrients required to our body. But, it can also help us live a care free life.

To Eat Healthy, we should fill our stomach with a variety of foods. Fruits, Vegetables and Whole Grains should be our main course on the meal. Here are The 15 Most Super Healthy Foods to Eat Every Day for a Healthy Life.


Bananas are the best source of Potassium. They also have considerable portion of Vitamin C. Eating Bananas is also good for skin.

Apart from it, Bananas can also help in digestion. Moreover, these yellow fruits are instant source of energy.


You might have heard the phrase ” An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. This comes true when we look into the unlimited health benefits of apples. Apples contain fibre, vitamin C, Potassium and Vitamin K.

First of all, Bananas are nutritious and they help us in weight loss. Secondly, they reduce the risk of cancer and are good for your heart. Lastly, apples can help fight asthma.


Avocados are one of the few fruits that contain healthy fats. They have more Potassium than bananas and also carry Vitamin K, Vitamin, B5, Vitamin V6, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Therefore, the people who eat Avocados are healthier in their every day lives.

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Oranges are an incredible source of Vitamin C. Eating Oranges prevents Skin Damage. Apart from it, Oranges are also good for our Immune System.


Who does not want to eat the red, Juicy and sweet Fruits. Strawberries carry an excellent amount of Vitamin C and Magnesium. These red fruits are good for our heart and blood sugar control.


Eggs are one of the few enriched nutritious foods that are inexpensive and easily available to every one. An Egg, contains Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, E, B5, and B12. In addition, eggs are also a good source of Iron, Iodine and Phosphorous.

Eating Eggs helps us maintaining a healthy weight. In addition, Eggs have antioxidants that are good for our eyes.


Dried, Roasted, Boiled, Fried Or Bar be Que, You can pick a way to cook your meet. In Either way, you can not deny the fast that Meat is the most nutritious food you can eat on our planet.


There is an old saying that if you want to improve your memory, you must eat almonds. In fact, Almonds are loaded with Calcium, vitamin Emagnesium and potassium. These nuts are good for building stronger bones. They reduce hunger and are helpful in weight-loss.


Drink the Water or Milk, Or choose to eat the Coconut Flesh. Either way, taking Coconuts in your daily food diet is a wise decision. As, Coconuts are a good mean of vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 , B6 and fibre. In addition, they also consist minerals such as selenium, iron, sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous.

Therefore, Coconuts helps us promoting a Healthy way of Living in many ways. They are good for weight loss and keeping us hydrated. In addition, they also fight bacteria and ensure healthy bones and teeth.


Walnuts offer many health benefits and they belong to the family of Nuts. Though, their outer crust is hard to break but when removed, the inner lobe of the seed is edible and nutritious to eat. Walnuts consist of Omega-3 Fatty acids, which in fact helps in lowering the blood cholesterol.

Moreover, Walnuts reduce the risk of some cancer and aid in weight loss.


Broccoli is a green vegetable that tastes delicious both raw and cooked form. This healthy vegetable is a good source of Fibre and Protein. Broccoli contains Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and a whole array of Vitamins A, K, C and E.

In addition, Broccoli helps reducing the risks of a Cardiovascular disease. And, it is also gives us stronger bones.


Carrots are a root vegetable with a red colour. The Carrots provide our body beta-carotene which is changed into Vitamin A. Therefore, Carrots are good for eyes. If you have any eye related illness, you must add Carrots in your daily diet plan.


Salmon is an oily Fish and it contains High amount of Proteins and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. This Fish tastes excellent and is popular among the age of Children, adults and Old people due to its high health benefits. In addition, it lowers our blood pressure and is good for our brain.


Whole Milk is one of the few drinks that are rich in Calcium, minerals, protein, and healthy fats. Therefore, if You are aiming at living a healthy life, A Glass of Milk should be the last drink of your day before you go to the Bed.


Baked or Boiled, Topped or Mashed, choose your way of eating the potatoes. These brownish Tubers are rich in Carbohydrates. Apart from it, Potatoes are rich in starch and low in Cholesterol with no fats. Eating Potatoes makes you Healthier and fills your stomach.

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